Hydraulic Press Brake

NC Hydraulic Press Brake YCN Series

ITEM YCN-3013~YCN-50060
Capacity 2.5-15 mm
Length 1300-6000 mm
Pressure 30-500 Tons
Stroke 180-300 mm
NC/DA-52S System Introduction

European Delem DA-52S controller offers multilanguage selection. It's easy operation by directly inputting angles or sizes of axes while programming. According to different request, controlled axes vary from 2 to 5 axes.

  1. 6.4" color LCD display. (TFT)
  2. 266 MHz processor, memory capacity 64MB.
  3. Tooling database: punches for 30 sets, dies for 30 sets.
  4. Standard Windows functions. User specific applications support.
  5. USB keyboard, mouse and flash memory drive.
  6. Precision ball screw lead, linear slide way and AC servo motor for X axis.
  7. Bearing-type guideway system.
  8. Angle position controlled by AC servo motor. (for 2 or 3 axes)
  9. German HOERBIGER hydraulic circuit. (for 4 axes and above)
  10. Equipped with European optical scales. (for 4 axes and above)
Main Functions
  1. Alphanumeric product naming.
  2. Millimetres/Inches, KN/Ton and languages selection.
  3. Number of steps up to 25. Step repeat up to 99 (maximum).
  4. Programmable tooling, products and material properties.
  5. Computed functions include tooling safety zones, press force, crowning adjustment, speed-change point and etc. (Differ from various axes.)
  6. Store tooling & workpiece data via USB interface.
  7. There are two modes: angle-input mode, depthinput mode.
  8. Diagnostic program.
  9. Both sides angles can be adjusted independently. (for 4 axes and above)