Sheet Metal Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Straight-Side Press Machine

YCT Series
ITEM YCT-100~YCT-1000
Capacity 100-1500 Tons
Table 800x700 ~ 3600x2400 mm
Stroke 500-1500 mm

These hydraulic press are specially designed for precision deep drawing of metal plates. Available in 100 to 2000 tons, they offer high efficiency and accuracy. Our design adopt special loop control system in order to meet the modern industrial requirement of high speed production and extremely safety.

  1. Safe and accurate control systems act a simplified operation and high efficiency.
  2. Special features:adopting logical hydraulic system,anti-leaking anti-vibration,beautiful appearance and easy to maintenance.
  3. Specializing in manufacturing hydraulic bending machines,strict quality control,integrated process to finish precision products and aftersale services