Hydraulic Press Machine Maker

Yeh Chiun not only offer hydraulic press machines but also provide hydraulic press brake to help customers with the best technical support in their new developing project. As a well-known brand of hydraulic presses, we offer hydraulic presses for a variety of applications, including C-frame presses, H-frame presses, straight edge presses, die positioning presses, and more. For more information, feel free to choose from the list below, or get in touch directly for more information!

YCT Series
Hydraulic Straight-Side Press Machine

YCT Series:Hydraulic Straight-Side Press Machine

Hydraulic Straight-Side Press

YCT-C(TNC) Series:Hydraulic Straight-Side Press

YCT-C Series
C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

YCT-C Series:C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

YCT-CG Series
C-Frame Hydraulic Press

YCT-CG Series:C-Frame Hydraulic Press

YCT-H Series
H-Frame Hydraulic Press

YCH Series:H-Frame Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Die Spotting Press Machine

YCT-DS Series:Hydraulic Die Spotting Press Machine
Best Hydraulic Metal Sheet Press Machine from Yeh-Chiun Industrial

In a hydraulic press, hydraulic or fluid pressure is applied to pressed objects through a cylinder to achieve a specific purpose, such as pressing metal objects into metal sheets, crushing cars and making powder, thinning glass, etc.

In contrast to mechanical press machines, hydraulic press machines are smaller and can compress large pressure into a cylinder in half the space. The advantages of the hydraulic press machine include low noise, low initial costs, low maintenance costs, and easy operation. Hydraulic presses have the following advantages over other types of press equipment: longer service life, stronger power stroke, etc.

Hydraulic presses are mostly used for industrial fabrication due to their ability to flatten, shape, straighten, stamp, and bend billets into desired shapes by applying steady and even compression force. With the use of different dies, hydraulic presses can be changed and customized to suit a wide range of manufacturing requirements.