Hydraulic Press

C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

YCT-C Series

The C-type press is a hydraulic forming machine with a single-column main frame. With three-sided access to the working area, C-frame presses enable seamless part loading and unloading, along with hassle-free die maintenance. In comparison with other metalworking machines, C-frame hydraulic presses require less floor space, while maintaining excellent rigidity, guiding performance, speed, and precision. Many different industries use hydraulic c frame press machines to perform metal forming processes, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, military, and more.

Capacity 10-300 Tons
Table 550x425 ~ 1000x800 mm
Stroke 300-450 mm
  1. The machine structure is C-frame. All the parts are included in machine body, the operation is safe and simple.
  2. Design is simple and free of trouble..
  3. The machine is multiple purpose, we are able to modify the design and enchance functions to meet your specialrequirements.
  1. Press in and push out of shafts and sockets.
  2. The bending and deep drawing of sheet metal .
  3. Straighten, forming, shear and punching.
  4. Compression testing.
  5. Production of computer caninet and parts.
  6. office furniture components including drawer, rails.
  7. Cabinet and components of refrigeration and air conditioning.
  8. Architectire industrial machine componets manufacture.